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Mar 25

New Research on HIV – Guilamo-Ramos

March 25, 2019
Fellow News, Research

Despite significant progress made in the fight against HIV/AIDS in the US, the amount of young people diagnosed with HIV continues to increase. Fellow Vincent Guilamo-Ramos has new research in a discussion paper from National Academy of Medicine Perspectives. The authors tackle the need for differentiated care that can be adapted to unique factors that

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Feb 22

Expertise on HIV In Minority Populations: Guilamo-Ramos

February 22, 2019
Fellow News, Policy, Practice Fields

While HIV infections and new HIV diagnoses have been decreasing overall in the US, the CDC says some Latino populations have increases in both.  The statistical jump is primarily in under-30 gay men who are one of the country’s youngest and largest minority groups. Fellow Vincent Guilamo-Ramos, who directs the Center for Latino Adolescent and

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