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Susan P. Kemp, PhD

Inducted in 2016

Susan P. Kemp, PhD, is Charles O. Cressey Endowed Professor at the University of Washington School of Social Work, where she also directs the PhD Program in Social Welfare. Her research and scholarly interests focus on place and environment as foci of social work practice, community-based and community-engaged services, public child welfare, and social work history. Among her many publications, she is co-author of Person-Environment Practice: The Social Ecology of Interpersonal Helping (Kemp, Whittaker & Tracy: Aldine de Gruyter, 1997), and co-editor of The Paradox of Urban Space: Inequality and Transformation in Marginalized Communities (Sutton and Kemp: Palgrave Macmillan, 2011), and Communities, Neighborhoods, and Health: Expanding the Boundaries of Place (Burton, Kemp, Leung, Matthews and Takeuchi: Springer, 2011). Much of Dr. Kemp’s current work centers on questions related to urban environments, marginalized populations, and environmental justice, including social work’s early history of urban environmental activism.

Dr. Kemp is national co-lead of Create Social Responses to a Changing Environment, one of the twelve American Academy of Social Work and Social Welfare Grand Challenges for Social Work. At the University of Washington, she co-leads the UW Cities Collaboratory, a research and teaching laboratory for the study of multiple dimensions of cities and urban processes, and is a founding Executive Committee member of Urban@UW, a transdisciplinary hub for urban research and practice. Awards for her work include the 2011 Richard Lodge Prize from Adelphi University.

To access Dr. Kemps’ Faculty Page, click here: University of Washington, School of Social Work.

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