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Richard Catalano, PhD

Inducted in 2012

Current Position

Professor, School of Social Work, University of Washington


BA, University of Wisconsin, Madison; MA, Ph.D., University of Washington

Dr. Richard Catalano is one of the top 2 cited Fellows of AASWSW and SSWR. His h-index score is 89 in 2016 (Hodge et al., 2016). Currently, his papers are cited on average over 1000 times per year.
He is widely recognized nationally and internationally for his prevention work. Dr. Catalano is a Professor in the School of Social Work and Co-Founder of the Social Development Research at the University of Washington. He is currently the PI of several foundation and NIH grants. He is a member of the NAS Board on Children Youth and Families and the NAS Concensus Study on the Promotion of Mental, Emotional, and Behavioral Health and a Board Member of the Washington State Academy of Sciences.

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