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Michael G. Vaughn, PhD

Inducted in 2016

Current Position

Professor, Director, Ph.D. program, School of Social Work, St. Louis University


Ph.D., Washington University in St. Louis

Michael Vaughn is Professor and Director of the PhD program in the School of Social Work, College for Public Health and Social Justice, at Saint Louis University and is Founder and Director of the Health Criminology Research Partnerships. He teaches courses in philosophy of science and theory development and research design and measurement. His research agenda is comprised of several interrelated foci such as temperament and psychopathy, drug abuse, violence, school dropout, health, crime, and justice, and biosocial interplay. His work has resulted in over 400 scholarly publications including 7 books. His most recent book, Delinquency and Health will be published in 2019. Although his work centers mainly on the disciplinary fields of epidemiology, criminology, and social work, he intentionally ignores disciplinary boundaries and publishes in and reviews for a wide swath of journals.
Current research projects include 1) extending his prior research on immigrant – native born comparisons of crime, violence and drug use to health outcomes, 2) examining trends in substance use across major developmental periods, 3) investigating asymmetry in crime and antisocial behavior across the life-course including new studies and theorizing on aging and antisocial behavior, 4) research at the intersection and health and criminology, 5) new applications of energetics theory, and 6) studying the intrusion of belief systems on the conduct and impact of scientific research.`1

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