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Judith Gonyea, PhD

Inducted in 2020

Current Position

Professor, Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs, Boston University School of Social Work



Judith Gonyea is a professor and Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs at BUSSW and senior fellow in the Institute for Health Systems Innovation & Policy at Boston University.
Gonyea is the author of more 100 publications, often centering on historically disadvantaged older populations with the goal of advancing equity. In her work, she uses an intersectionality lens to explore how individuals’ multiple identities (e.g., gender, age, race) intertwine to shape their aging experience. One strand of Gonyea’s research focuses on elder care, especially the gendered nature of caregiving and how culture shapes health behaviors. A second strand explores the intersection of older adults’ health and environment, particularly neighborhood and community effects. In her current research, she is studying older adults in subsidized housing and those experiencing homelessness. She also writes extensively on the politics of aging.
Gonyea is a fellow and past elected chair of the Social Research, Policy and Practice Section of Gerontological Society of America and an elected member in the National Academy of Social Insurance and the American Academy of Social Work and Social Welfare. She serves on the editorial boards of Public Policy & Aging Report, Journal of Aging & Social Policy, and the British Journal of Social Work.

Judith G. Gonyea

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