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Jeffrey Draine, PhD

Inducted in 2013

Jeffrey Draine, PhD, is Professor and chair of the School of Social Work at Temple University. Dr. Draine’s primary research interests include rehabilitation, empowerment and recovery oriented services for people involved with the justice system who also live with behavioral health concerns. These include psychiatric disabilities, HIV, and addiction. He received his social work Training at Temple University in social planning, and his Ph.D. at University of Pennsylvania in social welfare. He began his career as an activist for prison, homelessness and housing related causes in Richmond, Virginia.

Dr. Draine been focused on the intersection of behavioral health and the justice system since 1990. Beginning with the population of people with mental illnesses in jails and prisons, he eventually incorporated a broader array of behavioral health concerns such as HIV risk related behavior and substance use in addition to a comprehensive set of legal and law enforcement contexts, such as police interactions, probation and parole supervision, and community corrections facilities. These justice system contexts are often a concentrated nexus of health related risk and need for research on creative prevention and treatment ideas.

To access Dr. Draine’s Faculty Page, click here: Temple University, College of Public Health.

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