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Jan Greenberg

Jan Steven Greenberg, PhD

Inducted in 2014

Current Position

Professor Emeritus, Sandra Rosenbaum School of Social Work, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Jan Greenberg, MSSW, Ph.D., is the Director of the School of Social Work and the Interim Associate Vice Chancellor for Research for the Social Studies Division at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Dr. Greenberg has been the Director of an NIMH predoctoral training program on families and mental health services, and a faculty mentor for both the Hartford Faculty Scholars Program and the Institute on Aging and Social Work, and served on the Program Committee of the Hartford Doctoral Fellows Program.

Dr. Greenberg’s research focuses on families of persons with mental illness, in particular aging parents as caregivers to adult children with mental illness. Dr. Greenberg has been the PI or Co-PI on several NIH funded studies examining the long-term toll of caregiving on the health and mental health of families of persons with serious mental illness and persons with developmental disabilities. Several of these studies involve the collection and analysis of biomarker data and investigate the toll of daily and chronic caregiving stressors on the health of parental caregivers. An emerging focus of Dr. Greenberg’s research examines the impact of having a brother on sister with disabilities on the life course of their non-disabled siblings.

To visit Dr. Greenberg’s Faculty Page, click here: University of Wisconsin-Madison, School of Social Work.

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