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Fred Ssewamala, PhD

Inducted in 2019

Current Position

William E. Gordon Distinguished Professor, Brown School, Washington University in St. Louis


Social Work and Social Administration, Makerere University; MSW, Ph.D., Washington University in St. Louis

Fred Ssewamala is the William E. Gordon Distinguished Professor at the Brown School; and Professor of Medicine at Washington University in St. Louis. His innovative, interdisciplinary research informs, develops and tests economic empowerment and social protection interventions aimed at improving life chances and long-term developmental impacts for children and adolescent youth impacted by poverty and HIV/AIDS in low resourced communities.

Prior to joining the Brown School, Ssewamala was a tenured professor at Columbia University, where he established the International Center for Child Health and Development (ICHAD). ICHAD contributes to the reduction of poverty and improvement of health outcomes for youth. Currently, Ssewamala is conducting four large-scale, NIH-funded longitudinal randomized studies across sub-Saharan Africa. He has over 70 published articles in well-respected journals including in the Lancet, American Journal of Public Health, Social Science and Medicine, Journal of Adolescent Health, Social Service Review and; Journal of Policy Analysis and Management.

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