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From the President

This year ends the first decade of the Academy of Social Work and Social Welfare (AASWSW). To date, we have inducted 145 Fellows from a range of universities and research specialties. Our first initiative, the Grand Challenges in Social Work, is now fully launched and successful Other initiatives are in the works. Our new mentoring program is unique in offering assistance to a junior faculty member from an AASWSW Fellow around a specific grant application or manuscript preparation. Over 40 mentees and 25 top Fellows have worked together to date. AASWSW has a new website with news and information, and is expanding our footprint through social media.

The Board of Directors underwent some changes this year. New board members include Jorge Delva, Mary McKay and Lawrence Palinkas. Outgoing board members will be terribly missed. They are former vice-president Gail Steketee and Jeff Jenson, who served as secretary. They contributed greatly to the AAASWSW through their work.

We look to a bright future for AASWSW. We hope to sponsor several policy briefs in Washington and continue to serve as a resource for Congress and other government entities. Please join us for our 2019 annual membership webinar in May to provide your input on our future.

— Sarah Gehlert
President, AASWSW

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