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Collaborative Approaches to Addressing Historical and Intergenerational Trauma

October 20, 2022
Time: 2:00 p.m. CT
Location: Virtual

Part of the Building a Transformative 21st Century Research Agenda webinar series. Register on the Open Classroom platform.*

Drs. Kara Dean-Assael and James Rodriguez will co-present with Cendie Stanford, founder and board president of ACES Matter.

Webinar Description

Intergenerational trauma is a term that has implications for anyone working with children, youth, adults, and families across all service systems.  It is a complex construct that entails developmental neurobiology and epigenetics, and because it overlaps with historical trauma it also involves an understanding of the legacy of racism, slavery, colonialism, and genocide. 

This presentation will focus on a brief history of intergenerational and historical trauma as well as collaboratively identifying ways that an understanding of intergenerational trauma can be integrated into a trauma-informed approach to research and care.  It will highlight attachment and cultural humility as it relates to the uniqueness surrounding the collaborative approaches to addressing historical and intergenerational trauma.  

About Our Presenters

James Rodriguez, PhD, LCSW, currently serves as the director of Trauma Informed Services of the McSilver Institute for Poverty Policy and Research. He is a New York State-licensed clinical social worker and psychologist with over 25 years of providing mental health services to children, youth, and families in a variety of service settings, including direct practice, training, and research experience in the area of trauma treatment and services. Rodriguez’s work at McSilver Institute includes the development and dissemination of training materials to promote trauma-informed care in diverse service settings for children, youth, and families. In addition, he has a private practice that focuses on trauma treatment. He is also an adjunct faculty member who teaches cultural competence at the NYU Silver School of Social Work.

Kara Marie Dean-Assael, DSW, LMSW, currently serves as senior director of Innovation and Education at the McSilver Institute and develops, coordinates, manages, produces, and facilitates various programs, projects, and training, both locally and nationally. In 2006, she was a collaborative member of a research team to develop the nationally known evidence-based treatment, the “4 Rs and 2 Ss for Strengthening Families Program” and has spent years training clinicians and supervisors, nationally and globally, on how to utilize the model in their settings. She is passionate about helping to create and disseminate programs and practices to support mental wellness and outcomes for families, children, and adults. She aims to improve equity and to center liberation and justice for all. Dr. Dean-Assael also co-founded the 501c3 Fareground, Inc. in 2012, an anti-hunger and food justice organization in Dutchess County, NY. In 2020, she was appointed as a member of the Commission on Human Rights in the City of Beacon, NY.

Cendie Stanford is the founder and board president of ACES Matter, Corporation. Stanford has lived experiences with childhood adversities, most of which were experienced in zip code 79403. Unaware that her childhood adversities played a role in how she responded to stressors in her career as an educator, relationships, and even parenting, she sought out the why. Since 2021, Stanford has made several public appearances discussing the impacts of ACEs as a lived experience survivor in underserved and professional communities.

Partners Supporting this Effort

Since 2020, Lived Experience Experts, the Annie E. Casey Foundation, Casey Family Programs (CFP) and the William T. Grant Foundation have worked in partnership with a broad array of experts, stakeholders and people with lived experience to draft research gaps that span community-based family support, child protective services, out-of-home care and post-permanency services. Partnering organizations include Black Administrators in Child Welfare, the National Indian Child Welfare Association, Child Trends Hispanic Institute, the American Public Human Services Association, the Child Welfare League of America, the American Academy of Social Work and Social Welfare and Social Current.

*Please note that the title for this talk was updated. The previous title is “Evidence-Based Practice and Partnering with Providers.”

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