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May 14

Fredricksen-Goldsen on LGBTQ Social Isolation

May 14, 2019
Fellow News, Research

Fellow Karen Fredricksen Goldsen puts social isolation of older adults in the same category as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. She calls social isolation a public health issue and is one the first scholars to research senior members of the LGBTQ community and their social isolation. In this recent Seattle Times article, Fredricksen Goldsen tackles

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Apr 30

Fellow Nabila El-Bassel Directs NIDA Grant

April 30, 2019
Fellow News, Research

Columbia University School of Social Work’s Nabila El-Bassel will lead a research team to reduce opioid fatalities in New York State. Under an $86 million grant recently awarded from the National Institute of Drug Abuse, El-Bassel is heading up a group attempting to reduce opioid fatalities by 40% in 15 New York counties. Along with

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Apr 19

John Clapp Talks Alcohol Prevention

April 19, 2019
Fellow News, Practice Fields, Research

“When it comes to binge drinking, social factors exert a significant influence,” says Fellow and scholar John Clapp. “A person is at higher risk for binge drinking if they are surrounded by peers who are binge drinking or are in a setting in which heavy drinking is more socially acceptable—like a party or bar.” Alcohol

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Apr 18

Loneliness and Isolation: New Research Group

April 18, 2019
Events, Fellow News, Meetings, Research

Fellows with a research interest in loneliness and isolation take note: the Gerontological Society of America recently established an interdisciplinary group for meeting and discussion specific to these topics. The new Loneliness and Social Isolation Interest Group will hold its initial meeting at the November GSA Annual Scientific session in Austin, Texas. Colleagues who plan

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Apr 8

Book Award for Benbenishty and Astor

April 8, 2019
Events, Fellow News, General, Research

Winners of the School Social Work Association of America (SSWAA) 2019 Book Award are Fellows Rami Benbenisty and Ron Avi Astor.  The co-authors won for two books:  Welcoming Practices,  a research, practices and strategies review of schools and transitioning families, and Mapping and Monitoring Bullying and Violence, a guidebook for education and school district leaders

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Apr 5

Zayas On Childhood Trauma of Undocumented Families

April 5, 2019
Fellow News, Policy, Research

Steve Hicks School of Social Work Dean Luis Zayas has made a name for himself as an expert on child separation at the border and trauma in undocumented families. He’s authored a book on the subject, regularly delivers remarks and speaks frankly on the issues. “These children are always living in a state of vigilance.

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Apr 4

Walters Wins 2019 Richard Lodge Award

April 4, 2019
Fellow News, Research

University of Washington’s Karina Walters was recently named the recipient of the 2019 Richard Lodge Prize. The award, given by Adelphi University, is named for the late Dr. Richard Lodge, a social work educator and Adelphi University professor.  Walters was recognized for her research on the health of indigenous peoples.  Read more. ‏  

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Apr 3

Catalano and Hawkins Program Goes International

April 3, 2019
Fellow News, Research

Vancouver parents will soon be treated to a new parent workshop titled Guiding Good Choices.  The program was conceived by Fellows David Hawkins and Richard Catalano and is based on their research program designed to teach parents skills that can help prevent drug and alcohol abuse in their families. Read more.

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Mar 29

Steve Hicks School of Social Work Collaboration

March 29, 2019
Fellow News, Research

The Steve Hicks School of Social Work at the University of Texas, led by Fellow Luis Zayas is breaking new ground with the creation of the Department of Health Social Work.  In partnership with the University of Texas Dell Medical School, The School of Social Work will jointly operate the Department of Health Social Work,

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Mar 25

New Research on HIV – Guilamo-Ramos

March 25, 2019
Fellow News, Research

Despite significant progress made in the fight against HIV/AIDS in the US, the amount of young people diagnosed with HIV continues to increase. Fellow Vincent Guilamo-Ramos has new research in a discussion paper from National Academy of Medicine Perspectives. The authors tackle the need for differentiated care that can be adapted to unique factors that

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