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Feb 11

Palinkas On Podcast: Solving Social Problems

February 11, 2019
Discovery, Fellow News, Research

“I also think that one of the things that social workers are really good at doing is bringing people together, and implementation is an issue or an approach that I see requires bringing different stakeholders together.” – Lawrence Palinkas Listen to Fellow Lawrence Palinkas on this popular inSocialWork® Podcast as he discusses the best methods

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Jan 29

Social Work As A Science: Fellow John Brekke

January 29, 2019
Discovery, Fellow News, Research, The Grand Challenges For Social Work

 Recent SSWR award winner and Fellow John Brekke is the co-editor of Shaping a Science of Social Work, a new publication that defines social work science and the future of the profession. The book features ideas from a July 2016 meeting of social work scholars at the IslandWood retreat center and includes a number of research

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Jan 29

Three Questions With Fellow Rami Benbenishty

January 29, 2019
Discovery, Fellow News, Practice Fields, Research

 What’s your latest research? I have been studying various aspects of the lives of children in care and developed information systems to help monitor the safety and well-being of children in care. In the last two decades our team has been studying issues surrounding care leavers in Israel. Some of our previous work could be

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Jan 14

NIH Awards Grant to Jonson-Reid

January 14, 2019
Discovery, Fellow News, Practice Fields

Melissa Jonson-Reid, Academy Fellow and Ralph and Muriel Pumphrey Professor of Social Work Research at Washington University in St. Louis, is part of a team that received nearly 6.5 million dollars from the NIH to establish the Child Maltreatment Policy Research and Training Center.  Read more here.

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Dec 13

Academy Fellow John Tropman takes on changes in social policies

December 13, 2018
Discovery, Fellow News

In all societies needs and wants regularly exceed resources. Demand always exceeds supply and “balancing the budget” is a constant social problem. In this article Academy Board member John Tropman and Emily Nicklett explore how changes in social policies affect how different segments of the population emerge as exploited groups in the United States.  Read

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