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Biracial family having picnic in the park; father is laying on stomache looking direct at camera.

About the Research Agenda 

Since 2020, Lived Experience Experts, the Annie E. Casey Foundation, Casey Family Programs (CFP), and the William T. Grant Foundation have worked in partnership with a broad array of experts, stakeholders, and people with lived experience to draft research gaps that span community-based family support, child protective services, out-of-home care, and post-permanency services.

Transformative research is co-designed by academics and those with lived experience. It is grounded in principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion. It changes how we support families both in what we research and how we research it. I invite you to learn more on the Casey Family Programs website.

Be well,

Mary McKay
Mary McKay
President, AASWSW
Vice Provost of
Interdisciplinary Affairs,
Washington University in St. Louis

“When you include people with lived experience in research,
we can tell you what you’re missing.

Brittany Mihalec-Adkins, PhD &
Advocate for Lived Experience in Research & Policymaking

About the Series 

In this webinar series, academics co-present with youth, families, and providers across a range of topics, exploring how researchers can engage meaningfully with communities, honoring their lived experience inclusively through a social justice lens.

Earn a Certificate of Completion

Watch at least three videos from the series. Upon completion, take our quiz – you will only be asked questions on the videos you viewed (live or on demand). If you answer 80% of the questions correctly, you will be sent a printable certificate of completion.

If You Do Nothing Else,
Please Take Time to Listen: Black Families &
The Child Welfare System 
Collaborating with Family Peer Advocates in Child Mental Health Research 
Research, Training, & Capacity Expansion for Family & Youth Peer Support & Advocacy 
Collaborative Research Methods to Elevate the Voices of Youth 
Developing & Maintaining Partnerships for Implementation in Child Welfare Services 
Collaborative Approaches to Addressing Historical and Intergenerational Trauma 

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