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AASWSW committees are the operating system of our association.  They involve our Fellows in the development and delivery of AASWSW programs and services.

Early Career Mentoring Program

This committee oversees the implementation, monitoring, and updates of this program for which Academy Fellows serve as mentors for a year. This program is particularly intended for early career faculty serving in historically less resourced Schools of Social Work.

  • Recruitment of mentees and mentors
  • Matching and orientation to the program
  • Mid-year and end of year evaluation surveys
  • Updating and adjustments based on evaluation input

Chair: Paula Nurius
Members: Audrey Shillington, Gail Steketee

Policy and Advocacy Committee

Charged with being a source of information for the social work profession, governmental entities and other non-governmental groups, this committee includes:

  • Policy briefs and working papers sponsored by the Academy or with other Academies
  • Government engagement including responses to requests and policy briefs

Chair: John Tropman
Members: Lawrence Palinkas, James Herbert Williams

Innovation Research Committee

Responsible for promoting the Academy and its programs, the Innovation Research Committee’s duties include:

  • Academy newsletter
  • Academy website
  • Media promotion of Academy activities
  • Promotion of panels and symposiums

Chair: James Herbert Williams
Members: Lawrence Palinkas, John Tropeman

Awards Committee

Established to celebrate excellence in social work, this committee includes:

  • Annual Fellows Induction Ceremony
  • Marketing and Advertising of the AASWSW’s goals and activities
  • Sponsorship of educational presentations at conferences and seminars
  • “Academy Award”

Chair:  Mary McKay

Nominations and Elections Committee

This committee is charged with yearly elections of both board members and new Fellows. Activities include:

  • Nomination of new Fellows
  • Election of new Fellows
  • Officer elections
  • Criteria and process of Academy elections
  • Developing new Academy leadership

Co-Chairs: Shaun Eack, Dexter Voisin
Members: Laura Abrams, Jill Berrick, Elizabeth Lightfoot, Ron Mandersheid, Mary McKay, Sheryl Zimmerman

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee monitors the funds of the Academy. This includes

  • Annual budget
  • Contracts
  • Accounting oversight
  • Auditing oversight

Chair: James Herbert Williams

Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee serves as a strategic partner in funding the Academy’s programs and mission.

Chairs: Jorge Delva, Jeanne Marsh
Members: Rowena Fong, Mary McKay, Lawrence Palinkas, Gail Steketee, James Herbert Williams

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