Build financial capability for all

WP13Nearly half of all American households are financially insecure, without adequate savings to meet basic living expenses for three months. We can significantly reduce economic hardship and the debilitating effects of poverty by adopting social policies that bolster lifelong income generation and safe retirement accounts; expand workforce training and re-training; and provide financial literacy and access to quality affordable financial services.

Network Co-Leads to Build Financial Capability for All: Jin Huang, Julie Birkenmaier, and Margaret Sherraden.





April 27, 2016, “Thinking Money: The Psychology Behind our Best and Worst Financial Decisions” Film Viewing and Panel, University of Maryland, School of Social Work. Click here for more details.

Webinar #2 – January 2017
Building Financial Capability and Assets for All [webinar] [powerpoint slides]

Policy Action Statement

“Build financial capability and assets for all and Reduce extreme economic inequality.” Actions target universal and progressive Child Development Accounts as a policy vehicle for lifelong asset building.

Singapore starts FCAB project to train social workers.

Journals turn attention to financial capability and asset building.